The Holy Qur’an is full of amazing stories of most of the prophets who are sent by the one and only Allah almighty. To give general guidance to the people to worship Allah and Allah alone. Furthermore, they strengthen the faith of the prophet, companions, and believers up till now.  They serve also as an argument against the opponents of Islam. For instance, the prophet Mousa peace be upon him is one of the most mentioned prophets in the Holy Qur’an.

This essay will be tackling one of those wonderful stories of the prophet Yusuf- peace be upon him through Yusuf (Joseph) surah.  The story of the prophet Yusuf peace be upon him is one of the best stories mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. The story also appears in the bible, the book of Genesis. Surah Yusuf is considered the only surah that tells the prophet’s stories in the same chronological order and all along surah. It is mentioned only in one chapter (12) which is also named after him. Surah Yusuf, it is Meccan Surah, has 11 verses. It is preceded by Surah Hud and followed by surah Al- Raad

Surah Yusuf

Yusuf- peace be upon him is the eleventh son of the prophet Yaqoob, who was his beloved son. He had one brother from the same mother, called Benyamin, and 10 stepbrothers. Yusuf was a young boy who had a glorious dream and ran to his father in excitement and said, to his father, “O my dear father! Indeed, I dreamt of eleven stars, and the sun, and the moon—I saw them prostrating to me!”  his father, Yaqoob was delighted because he knew his son will be a prophet, with being aware of his older sons’ reaction. As a result, he told him not to narrate his dream to his brothers. He replied, “O my dear son! Do not relate your vision to your brothers, or they will devise a plot against you. Surely Satan is a sworn enemy to humankind.”

This remarks the beginning of the story and all its events of difficulties and adversity. He was betrayed by his brothers, sold as a slave, and unjustly imprisoned. But he knew very well that Allah had a plan for him and he had to just keep the faith.

The story of Surah Yusuf is way more relevant to our worldly life nowadays than it was in past. In our life nowadays, everything is mixed up for the sake of saying it is freedom as if the freedom is doing only all the bad acts that go against Islam principles. For instance, some people in our world, see the intimate relationship between men and women outside the marriage frame is called “freedom” which is not allowed in Islam. So, this story tackled most of today’s controversial topics in a fabulous way. It works as a guideline for us, especially the youth. We will go through some of the important life lessons that are mentioned in this amazing Surah.

In their stories there is truly a lesson for people of reason. This message cannot be a fabrication, rather ˹it is˺ a confirmation of previous revelation, a detailed explanation of all things, a guide, and a mercy for people of faith.

Yusuf: 111

Main-life lessons from Surah Yusuf:

1-The first lesson here is in the way of raising children. Parents should treat all their children equally without any kind of differentiation. Sometimes, it happens that parents tend to love one of their children more than the other because he is young or for any other reason. You don’t have to feel guilty about that, as long as you are not treating them inequality because it might lead to developing jealousy among them which leads us to our next lesson.

2-Don’t be jealous, it deprives you of feeling peace and safe. Being jealous could break your relationship ships and destroy lives. As in the brother of Yusuf- Peace is upon him when they started to believe that their father loves Yusuf More than them. when they said ˹to one another˺, “Surely Joseph and his brother ˹Benjamin˺ are more beloved to our father than we, even though we are a group of so many. Indeed, our father is mistaken”. what leads to jealousy!! Is comparison. Don’t compare yourself to any other person. Just compare yourself to yourself.

3-Envy does exist. Nowadays we keep posting everything beautiful that happens to us on social media, and we should be careful with whom we share with. That’s why surah Yusuf simulates reality. This was the prophet Yaqub was worried about when he asked him not to narrate the story to his brother and to prevent the merging of jealousy between them. ‘He said, “O my son, do not relate your vision to your brothers or they will contrive against you a plan. Indeed Satan, to man, is a manifest enemy.’

4-Be patient when you encounter any hardships because if you do that, you will be counting plenty of blessings. So, you will be rewarded and rescued from your suffering. Yusuf- Peace be upon him was patient when his brothers abandoned him. He was patient when he was sold as a slave. He was patient when he was accused of false allegations by the king’s wife. ” Then he raised his parents to the throne, and they all fell in prostration to Joseph, who then said, “O my dear father! This is the interpretation of my old dream. My Lord has made it come true. He was truly kind to me when He freed me from prison and brought you all from the desert after Satan had ignited rivalry between me and my siblings. Indeed, my Lord is subtle in fulfilling what He wills. Surely, He ˹alone˺ is the All-Knowing, All-Wise.”

5-Forgiveness is a virtue that all great men have. Yusuf’s brother abandoned him and deprived him of his father. They left him alone at the bottom of the well. However, when it came to confronting his brothers, he chooses to forgive them not take revenge. With all his power as a king, he preferred forgiveness for the sake of Allah Almighty.

6-Nothing is better than obeying Allah Almighty, no matter the consequences you might face. Yusuf- peace be upon him was in a situation to commit sins and he chose not to. He was defamed and imprisoned. For the sake of Allah only. Joseph prayed, “My Lord! I would rather be in jail than do what they invite me to. And if You do not turn their cunning away from me, I might yield to them and fall into ignorance.”


Finally, the Holy Qur’an is full of amazing and important lessons to guide us and help us reach what is right while avoiding what is wrong. As you reached here, I recommend stopping and reciting this Surah to feel its beauty. Imagine your life after implementing the aforementioned lessons.     

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