About Us

Dedicated Teachers. Passionate Academy.

Arab identity Academy aims to preserve a unique Arab identity inspired by the life of the prophet Muhammad peace be Upon Him. In this identity, we seek to achieve a fine mix between our daily life and our Aqidah through multiple courses with a distinguished team of alumni of Al-Azhar University who are highly experienced and very proficient.

We offer a variety of services on our insightful online platform for our Muslim children aim to provide Quran and Arabic learning courses that help in building and reinforcing their Muslim characters.

Moreover, we offer various sets of online courses including the Noorani Qaida course, Quran recitation with Tajweed course, Quran memorization course along Basic Islamic studies course.

What makes us stands out from the crowd is our GCSE course that offers preparation for GCSE Arabic qualification exams and helps you to be proficient in reading, listening, and speaking the Arabic language.

Our Teachers are professional Arabic Native Speakers with extensive high-level practical Experience that will help you upgrade your level from a beginner to an expert with a step-by-step approach.

Meet The Teachers

Why Us

1. Fun and interactive Quran Classes

2. Successfully prepared children for GCSE Arabic exams

3. One-on-one teaching available for a more personalized experience

4. We use the latest technology to make our lessons engaging and effective

Our Values

1. Dedicated professional team to maintain our high standards all the time

2. Continued development of educational level to meet all expectations

3. Innovating new methods of learning to keep the student always attracted

4. Achieving best results by a well-designed curriculum to ease the study of the Quran and all other courses.