The Arabic alphabets are the basic letters that form the Arabic language, and they also produce the Arabic phonemes, which are only roots without sub letters, and the alphabet is the basis of any language. The Arabic language has its own letters, which are different from other letters, although sometimes some letters are similar and identical to other letters in other languages. Arabic is written and read from right to left. There is no distinction between upper- and lowercase letters, though the shapes of letters usually vary depending on whether they are in an initial, medial, or final position in a word.

What is the Arabic language?

The Arabic language is one of the eastern languages and the most used Semitic language, as it is spoken by 467 million people. Arabic is an official language in 26 Arabic countries. Arabic has become the 5th most spoken linguistic group in the world, it has different names as the language of the Qur’an and the language of Dhad as well. It is of great importance to Muslims on both a religious and spiritual level. The Arabic language is also one of the richest and richest languages in terms of linguistic material. For example, the dictionary of Lissan al-Arab by Ibn Manzur from the thirteenth century includes more than 80,000 articles.

Why might the Arabic language might sound different and difficult to English native speakers and others?

Some Arabic letters don’t have a direct equivalent sound in English or any other language, which can be hard for English speakers. For example ض (Dhad), a widely used letter in Arabic that doesn’t exist in other languages. Thanks to this letter, Arabic is sometimes called “the language of Dhad”.

How many letters are there in the Arabic alphabet?

The Arabic alphabet, called Al-abjadiyah, is the basic letters that form the language, as they are the main components and the pillar on which any language is formed. The Arabic language includes twenty-eight letters, each of which is made up of eight words, and they are Abjad, Hawz, Hatti, Kalman, Saafs, Qarasht, Thakhd, Zugh”  أبجد، هوز، حطي، كلمن، سعفص، قرشت، ثخذ، ضظغ.”.

The name of the alphabet comes from the first of the eight words mentioned, which is Abjad. for Western languages, the alphabet is called the letter or Alphabet, which is an abbreviation of the first letters of the alphabet in Greek, and then Roman. Scholars differed in the number of Arabic letters. Some say that they are twenty-eight letters, while others think that they are twenty-nine letters. They all agreed that the number of letters in the Arabic language is twenty-eight letters, in addition to the Hamza, after some did not consider it among the letters.

Arabic alphabet chart: the 28 letters

Letter nameForms
alifIsolated: ا
End: ـا
Middle: ـا
Initial: ا
baaIsolated: ب
End: ب
Middle: ـبـ Initial: بـ
taaIsolated: ت
End: ـت
Middle: ـتـ
Initial: تـ
thaIsolated: ث
End: ـث
Middle: ثـ
Initial: ثـ
jiimIsolated: ج
End: ـج
Middle: ـجـ
Initial: جـ
haaIsolated: ح
End: ـح
Middle: ـحـ
Initial: حـ
khaaIsolated: خ
Middle: ـخ
End: ـخـ
Initial: خـ
dalIsolated: د
End: ـد
Middle: ـد
Initial: د
dhalIsolated: ذ
End: ـذ
Middle: ـذ
Initial: ذ
raaIsolated: ر
End: ـر
Middle: ـر
Initial: ر
zayIsolated: ز
End: ـز
Middle: ـز
Initial: ـز
siinIsolated: س
End: ـس
Middle: ـسـ
Initial: سـ
shiinIsolated: ش
End: ـش
Middle: ـشـ
Initial: شـ
SaadIsolated: ص
End: ـص
Middle: ـصـ
Initial: صـ
DhadIsolated: ض
End: ض
Middle: ـضـ
Isolated: ضـ
TaaIsolated: ط
End: ـط
Middle: ـطـ
Initial: ط
DhaaIsolated: ظ
End: ـظ
Middle: ـظـ
Initial: ظـ
hainIsolated: ع
End: ـع
Middle: ـعـ
Initial: عـ
ghainIsolated: غ
End: ـغ
Middle: ـغـ
Initial: غـ
faaIsolated: ف
End: ـف
Middle: ـفـ
Initial: فـ
qaafIsolated: ق
End: ق
Middle: ـقـ
Initial: قـ
kaafIsolated: ك
End: ـك
Middle: ـكـ
Initial: كـ
laamIsolated: ل
End: لـ
Middle: ـلـ
Initial: لـ
miimIsolated: م
End: ـم
Middle: ـمـ
Initial: مـ
nunIsolated: ن
End: ـن
Middle: ـنـ
Initial: نـ
haaIsolated: ه
End: ـه
Middle: ـهـ
Initial: هـ
wawIsolated: و
End: ـو
Middle: ـو
Initial: و
yaaIsolated: ي
End: ـي
Middle: ـيـ
Initial: يـ

In these previous charts, you will notice that most Arabic letters have four different forms such as:

The isolated form is how a letter is written by itself

The end form is how the letter appears at the end of a word (remember, this is the far left).

The middle form is how the letter appears with letters on both sides of it.

The initial form is how the letter appears when at the start of a word (remember, this is at the far right).

The number of alphabets in the Qur’an:

The Holy Quran came in 114 chapters in thirty parts.

The surah of the Holy Qur’an contains 6236 verses and 77439 words.

As for the number of alphabets in the Holy Quran, it is 323,671 letters.

There are 29 surahs of the Holy Qur’an that began with separate letters.

  • Where the Surah of Al-Baqarah, Al-Imran, Al-Ankabut, Al-Rum, Luqman, and Al-Sajdah began with the letter (lam) (الم).
  • Surat Al-A’raf begins with the letter (المص).
  • As for the surah of Yunus, Hud, Yusuf, Ibrahim, and Al-Hijr, it began with the letter (الر).

Surah Al-Ra’d began with the letter (Al-Murr) (المر), Surah Maryam with (Kahis) (كهيعص), and Surah Taha,  Surah Al-Shu’ara’ and Al-Qasas with (Tasm) (طسم), and Surah Ghafer, Fussilat, Al-Zukhruf, Al-Dukhan, Al-Jathiya, Al-Ahqaf with (Ham) (حم), and Surat Al-Naml with (Tas) (طس), Surat Ya-Seen with (Yasan) (يس), Surah Saad with (ص) , Surah Al-Shura with (Hamm Asaq) (حم عسق), Surah Al-Qalam with (N) (ن), and Surah kaaf with(ق).

How many letters of the Arabic alphabet have one dot?

For the number of letters of the Arabic alphabet that contain one dot, it is 10 letters.

And those letters are: “ب، ج، خ، ذ، ز، ض، ظ، غ، ف، ن.”

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